Testing Services

At HealthSolutions4u we offer a comprehensive line-up of testing services. Here is what we offer.  (Prices are in NZD)

Urine Tests

  1. Dipstix – Quick and easy point of care testing of liver, kidney, UTI and sugar regulation- $Free
  2. Metabolic profile – Provides info on level of toxicity and which detox pathway is best. Includes Urinary pH, Saliva pH, specific gravity, Brix (measures sugar loading which is always high in diabetes, cancer and oxidative stress) – $25

Food Sensitivities

  1. 50 Foods/triggers (includes pollens) In-clinic testing using EAV machine – $40
  2. 59 Foods/Food groups IgG blood test- tests delayed immune response to foods using a special ELISA test kit called the Food Detective – $250
  3. 500 Items Hair Test – Common foods and household items. Hair sample sent to Australia, 4 weeks turnaround time. Comprehensive report and a 6 month program designed for you – $247

Hair Mineral Analysis

  1. Doctors Data USA Toxic metals and helpful metals and ratios with a basic report $180
  2. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Australia. Standard “results only” report $209

Functional Biological Testing

  1. Eye Analysis – Iridology/Sclerology included with initial Naturopathic consultation $Free
  2. Bionergetic Scan – Tests organ dysfunction and energy disturbances through whole body electromagnetic scan. Included as part of initial and follow-up Naturopathic consult $Free
  3. Ryodoraku Meridian Therapy – Meridian testing according to TCM practice and Laser acupuncture to balance meridian points $50
  4. Body Composition Analysis – for weight loss and detox programs $10

Genetic testing – coming soon

Hormonal profile – coming soon

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