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Are you looking for a skilled, qualified and experienced practitioner to help you solve your health issues? The kind that can handle tough cases, get to root causes, negotiate the maze of health info and products available?

Here you will find understanding, someone who really listens to you with a heart centred approach. I offer you expert and professional evidenced-based and time-tested healthcare advice and support. Your health is ALL about you, so I am ALL about helping you!

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Hi, my name is Andrew. I am a registered* New Zealand Naturopath. I offer natural therapies for your body, mind and soul. 20 years knowledge and experience in natural medicine plus health science and nursing to degree level means I can support you a great deal better than many other healthcare providers. I believe in taking an innovative approach with all my clients. I work together with you and help you to understand yourself better, understand your life story and resolve issues.

Specialising in fatigue, stress, infections, allergies, eczema, hormonal health, headaches & migraines, depression, back and neck pain.

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Here’s a really useful page of Questionnaires for you… If you’ve wondered if your liver or thyroid is up to speed, if you are gluten sensitive, or if you need to consider a detox, check out the questionnaire pages

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