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Initial tele-consultations (online) include a comprehensive case history, dietary breakdown, family and medical history and testing as we uncover underlying imbalances which might be hindering optimal health. Online health appraisal* or detoxification questionnaires are also used to assess the areas in your body that most need help. So we can prioritise areas of focus for your personalised natural medicine support program. If we need to look at further testing (for example 500 Items hair test or functional medicine tests) or a physical examination these will be discussed.

Professional, caring, heart-centred and evidenced-based healthcare and advice is waiting for you.

Contact me today to set up a face-to- face Zoom (or phone) appointment that will provide you with the answers to your health needs.

Initial consultation is for up to 90 minutes, so please allow for this time. Online Tele-consultations cost $175 per hour. (90 minute consult is $220). (Included is a full report and dietary guide emailed direct to you after the consultation. Follow-up appointments are priced at $75 for 30- 40 minutes and include a report)

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* For information about the Comprehensive Health Questionnaire click here

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