Hi Andrew just wanted to thank you so much for your expert care of my Dad, today and every time. We both have huge respect for you knowledge, and it’s so clear that you really care about your patients. You have helped my Dad so much and we’re both very grateful. Keep on being awesome and caring. The world needs many more people like you. – Kate A.

Andrew from Health Solutions has been assisting me in support of my health with a range of natural products. The initial consultation, ordering, and frequent health-checks have all been conducted safely and efficiently, online. A great service. – Lance

Eighteen years ago, my then 5 year old daughter had been ill with repeated ear infections over winter. After three lots of antibiotics she became really sick and developed Thrush. I went back to the Doctor twice for treatments to get rid of the thrush, but nothing they gave me worked.

As any mother knows, when you child is in pain you will do anything to try and fix it. In desperation, I went into our local heath shop, and asked the ladies there “who can I take her too? Nothing the Doctors are giving me is working!!” They gave me Andrew Gowan’s phone number.

We had our appointment with him and after taking the Homeopathic Remedy for a week the thrush was gone and by the end of the treatment she was all better and never had an issue with thrush again.Fern frond

He took one look at me and decided I too needed some Homeopathic assistance, as I was very rundown and exhausted dealing with a non-sleeping toddler and sick five year old. His Remedy helped me immensely.

We have been clients of Andrew’s for many years now.I always found Andrew to be kind, caring, thorough and professional whenever we visited him. And I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a safe natural treatment to whatever ails you. – Sandy

We are a farming couple and have been seeing Andrew for many years now. With the physical nature of our work our bodies regularly need adjusting and Andrew always realigns us with Bowen therapy and it is amazing relief. I use to suffer terribly from migraines but visiting Andrew every 2-3 months has meant they are a thing of the past. Andrew is a very caring person and his vast knowledge of natural remedies compliments his naturopath techniques. We rely on Andrew to keep our bodies moving freely and definitely recommend him. – Paul and Dawn

I have found Andrew to be of fantastic help over many years, his holistic approach being of life saving assistance due to standard medical practice being ineffective in diagnosis and treatment. I had every confidence in his advice and treatment for myself and my family, especially for the children in their younger years. I give a high recommendation and endorsement to Andrew for his knowledge of health and his ability to find a remedy from the cause of an ailment. – Ted