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Have you got questions about your health? Do you have health care needs or problems that won’t go away? Do you know who to trust?

Here you will find help, understanding, expert and professional advice from a Naturopath with almost twenty years of experience.

Hi, my name is Andrew, I am a Naturopath. I offer natural therapies for your body, mind and soul. Almost 20 years knowledge and experience in natural medicine plus health science and nursing to degree level means I know a lot more and can support you a great deal better than many other healthcare providers. I have an advanced knowledge of bioelectronics, herbal medicines and several healing techniques. I believe in taking an innovative approach with all my clients.

A Naturopath cares for you in a holistic manner using herbs, nutritionals and other gentle techniques to restore health and wellbeing. The guiding philosophy is to use natural means to encourage good health. ‘Holistic’ means to consider all parts that make up the human being –body, mind, soul, spirit, culture.

I work together with you and help you to understand yourself better, understand your life story, resolve issues, have greater freedom from pain, heal faster, and become stronger and healthier.

Available for you are top quality researched nutritional products that fit your health needs. Along with herbal and Homeobotanical remedies individually prescribed just for you. Testing that includes eye- analysis, bio-energetic scanning and food sensitivities. For the body-mind I do Access Consciousness The Bars®, Bowen® therapy, joint mobilisation, and relaxation massage for whole body healing, sports, injury rehabilitation, aches and pains.

My specialties are in chronic fatigue, detoxification, conception care, anti-ageing and immune function, depression and trauma.

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Here’s a really useful page of Questionnaires for you… If you’ve always wondered if your liver or thyroid is up to speed, if you are gluten sensitive, or if you need to consider a detox, check out the questionnaire pages

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