Naturopathic assessment

I offer one-on-one naturopathic consultations, including a full clinical case take and medical history, naturopathic assessment, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, herbal medicine prescription and products. With body work clients I offer relaxation massage or Bowen therapy® for injuries, rehabilitation and whole body healing. I also provide basic counselling and support.

I believe in the integration of mind-body-spirit for wholeness and wellbeing and look also at the wider sociocultural and environmental dynamics affecting health.

Clients are welcome to bring a support person if they want to. I provide detailed information, dietary and lifestyle advice and a “prescription” for my clients to take with them.

Using naturopathic assessment it is possible to identify underlying health issues contributing to:

  • Current health problems
  • Lowered health/vitality
  • Possible future health issues

By assessing the state of your various body systems and identifying nutritional imbalances, and by reviewing your diet and lifestyle, Andrew can make recommendations to assist in improving your health.

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