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Homeobotanical Therapy

Homeobotanical Therapy is a novel fusion of herbal medicine and low potency homeopathy, developed right here in New Zealand. Homeobotanicals are loved by practitioners and patients alike, and have seen tens of thousands of successful cases in the thirty plus years since these amazing remedies were introduced.

Homeobotanicals are glycerated herbal tinctures which have been homeopathically potentised. By blending the various Homeobotanical remedies in the range, a perfectly balanced treatment is possible for every patient.

The remedies come as a range of concentrated herbal complexes which are personally blended together to make a unique individualised prescription. The system simply integrates the key areas that need addressing in the individual: what we call a mix and match approach.

For example, you may be experiencing liver dysfunction, gut dysbiosis and yeast overgrowth. In this case, the Homeobotanical remedy would be (Liver),(Bowel) and (Candida/digestion). Simplicity itself! The remedy is taken as a few drops three times daily daily.

There are forty-four concentrates in the Homeobotanical range, covering everything from infection to lactation, asthma to insomnia, eyes to skin, cognition to cramping.

The main actions of Homeobotanicals are at a cellular level. First, they purify the system by opening up the body’s own natural drainage channels, then the components of the selected herbs enhance assimilation of nutrients to speed healing and boost energy levels. This combined action is suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. The healing response is gentle and safe, being suitable for people of all ages.

A feature of Homeobotanical Therapy is the beautiful synergy between the remedies and other modalities, in particular nutritional supplements (vitamins and mineral formulae), and homeopathy. The remedies initiate the entire healing response and may by used to boost the clinical results of body therapies, body/mind techniques and/or orthodox practice, as well as any of the natural health therapies.

Homeobotanical Therapy has always been a core therapy for me which means I prescribe it for almost every client who sees me, it forms the basis of my clinical management of my client’s health needs. These clever little remedies have always worked for my client’s and that is why, after 20 years experience I continue to use them. They are effective, economical and easy to use.
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