Hair mineral analysis- uncovering imbalances

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a useful tool when trying to understand why a person’s biochemistry has changed (usually for the worse) and how to correct it. It shows the levels of helpful minerals (like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium etc.) trace minerals, and toxic metals (such as lead, mercury etc.) and how they are interacting in that person’s body. It takes the guess work out of determining nutrient imbalances. Hair testing is considered more accurate than blood tests when it comes to determining mineral levels. The hair holds nutrients as a reflection of the levels that are within the body.

A small sample of your hair is sent to a specialised lab where it is spectroscopically analysed. The lab produces graphs showing the amounts of all the minerals and elements present in the hair. A comprehensive report is sent back to your practitioner.

Many health conditions occur due to exposure to toxic or heavy metals and the test clearly shows these levels and suggests likely sources. Your practitioner will discuss the likely sources with you, and then suggest ways to reduce exposure to these toxins.

Health issues also arise when minerals are not in balance or else where there are deficiencies of minerals. Minerals interact with each other and an excess of one can lead to a deficiency in another. This can produce significant health problems which will relate directly to the symptoms present. The test and comprehensive report helps your practitioner to determine where the problems are and how to correct them.

I use HTMA in my practice because it helps me to uncover mineral deficiencies more accurately and get people well sooner. For cost of a HTMA please see our Tests page.