Foot Joint Mobilisation

It makes perfect sense that if the feet are not supporting the body in the best way possible then the body will come under structural stress and misalignment. When upright, the body relies on the feet for balance, stability and correct posture. There are 28 bones in each foot and if any of them are incorrectly aligned then the whole body can be affected. The foot does not even have to be painful for it to create problems in almost any area of the body.

Nerves within the foot send impulses throughout the body with every step you take.

Our bodies are a carefully orchestrated movement of muscular contraction and relaxation in time, space and rhythm. For example, with every step,   the ankle and toes of your back foot bend and stimulate nerve sensors in the ankle, foot and toes, sending information up the body through the knees, pelvis, abdomen, chest, shoulders and head so the body rhythmically moves in time with the step. If the foot-bones are poorly aligned or there is restriction of their movement, or calcification between any of the joints, then these nerve impulses become confused which can lead to muscular and joint dysfunction anywhere else in the body.

So what happens in the feet will have a large impact on the health of the whole body. The knee might rotate one way or the other, putting strain on the hip which then affects the lower back. This abnormal strain can go on to stress the shoulders, neck and head as the body attempts to compensate for the mal-alignment.

Foot-Joint Mobilisation can take care of this by gently re-aligning the individual bones in the feet over a period of several weeks. The body needs time to address the structural issues as it receives help towards realignment. Calcifications will need time to be resorbed, and nutrients restored to the areas of greatest need for tissue repair and rebuilding.

Treatments are usually of thirty minutes duration twice weekly for a period of eight weeks.

People often ask if it is foot reflexology. FJM is not reflexology although it does activate reflex points in the feet and this adds to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Foot-Joint Mobilisation will make your feet feel wonderful! Side effects (good ones) may be noticed throughout the whole body during and after the course of treatment.  For example: better sleep, improved mobility, straighter posture, greater confidence, less aches and pain. Problems are resolved gradually and gently.  Foot Joint Mobilisation is totally non-invasive and done only on the feet, it doesn’t require removal of clothes, only shoes and socks!

Will Foot Joint Mobilisation work for you?

After your first treatment you will experience one of three things:

  1. Nothing, no changes, no major response, or
  2. Symptoms and aches will be stirred up, but only temporarily, or
  3. Immediate improvement of your foot problems and possibly even other areas in your body feeling better.

Results are usually noticed after the 3rd week of treatment, so give it a try, and be patient to see what will happen.  Pain free feet mean mobility and independence

Try Foot- Joint Mobilisation today, your feet (and your body) will thank you!