Monthly Archives: April 2019

Being Updated

At Health Solutions I strive very hard to be up to date with treatments and conditions and best practice. To keep upskilled I regularly attend Metagenics® seminars which occur three times a year and cover a wide range of topics. These seminars are hosted by a world-leader in Natural medicine and one of the main suppliers I deal with for nutritional products. The seminars are five hours face-to face. They always provide excellent material and support for practitioners which in turn means better service for my patient’s and better health outcomes. Recent topics have been: Modern Maladies – fatigue, stress, thyroid dysfunction, EMF pollution and sleep hygiene;  Allergy and reactivity; Clinical fatigue; Nutrigenomics; Microbiome latest research; Functional Psychiatry. The knowledge presented and research ensures that what I do in practice has a sound scientific basis.

Last year I attended a two day workshop on Cancer therapeutics hosted by an ACNEM, an Australasian based educational institution specifically for general practitioners. This workshop was an invaluable resource for the latest in understanding cancer and advanced natural methods for supporting patients. I have been able to put this knowledge into practice.

I have also completed a number of online courses and webinars on a diverse range of topics related to clinical practice, these are usually between one and ten hours in length. There are a number of online “places” that offer courses and materials for practitioners to keep abreast of current trends and practices. Several of the suppliers of the products that I regularly prescribe in clinic also offer various webinars from time to time, and I try to attend as many as possible.  All of these courses comprise what is known as Continuing education (CPE) hours for my registration as a Naturopath.

Our annual Naturopathic conference is a highlight of the year and always delivers top speakers in their fields where I gain yet more learning, which can be translated into better clinical practice and better patient outcomes.

Last year I also completed a certificate in Adult education and teaching, as part of my First Aid Instructor qualification. And I completed three more papers in the Health Science degree which I am hoping to finish this year! So it has been a busy time.

What all of this learning and upskilling means for you as a patient is the promise to deliver the best natural healthcare for you.