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At HealthSolutions4u  we want you to get well faster and we believe that your health is what matters most to you, so we provide a range of comprehensive services.  A major focus is allergies and food intolerances.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Using a sensitive resistance meter, similar to a lie-detector a food that is incompatible with the body can be detected. This involves the patient holding an electrode while an acupuncture point relating to the lymphatic system is probed. If a food test vial is put into the circuit with the patient and this vial containing a food that is hindering the immune system there will be a noticeable change in the meter reading. This technique has been around for many decades and is known as EAV or acupuncture according to Voll, being the German doctor who first developed the instrument. See my Food sensitivity page for more details.

We also offer “500 Items” a specialised hair testing service based in Australia. All we need is a small hair sample which is sent away to be analysed for food sensitivities.  Click here for full details and to download the order form. And Click here for a full list of our Testing Services and costs of each service

Iridology and Sclerology

An iris exam can be a simple 5 minute procedure or more involved, depending on the case.

As naturopaths we do not diagnose health conditions, rather, we view certain markings, colours and areas in the iris as indicating states of inflammation, weakness, stress or degeneration. The iris is divided up into many areas, each reflecting a part of the body.

Sclerology involves examining the red lines, colourations, and markings in the sclera as they relate to health. Similar to Iridology, but more focussed on the acute stressors influencing the whole body.

To obtain a sclera reading, I make a careful observation and sketch of the sclera (whites) of each eye. The lines are then compared with a chart, and interpreted based on signs and symptoms. In a matter of minutes I can ascertain what body systems are being affected, the likely cause of the stress and how the body is responding to that stress.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that works over the muscles and connective tissues, allowing the body to reset itself and heal. It is very relaxing, excellent for stress, injuries and pain. Bowen Therapy consists of a series of soft tissue (connective tissue) manipulations which seem to stimulate the energy flow and activates the body’s natural healing abilities. Bowen is effective and safe for all ages. Specialised procedures exist for baby colic right, hip and sciatic problems through to migraines and infertility. Procedures are almost all done through clothing, and sessions are up to sixty minutes in length. Though gentle this technique is powerful and has to be experienced to be understood. Bowen work continues to be a top performer and what I use most in practice with consistent results. See my Bowen page for more details

I love it and so do my clients.

Foot-Joint Mobilisation

It makes perfect sense that if the feet are not supporting the body in the best way possible then the body will come under structural stress and misalignment. When upright, the body relies on the feet for balance and stability. There are 28 bones in the feet and if any are incorrectly aligned the whole body can be affected. Foot-Joint Mobilisation gently re-aligns the individual bones in the feet over a period of several weeks. During this time resolution of other problems and pain is often seen despite the therapy being applied to the feet only. Treat your feet today!

Treatments are 30 minutes duration two times weekly for 8 weeks. See my Foot Joint page for more details.

Relaxation Massage

Massage is the art and science of physical therapeutic touch. Massage creates an intimate space where giver (therapist) and receiver (client) share in a special moment. Massage has been around a long, long time, and is all about touch which is basic to human need. Various forms exist; I practice relaxation or Swedish massage. It has light to medium pressure and work for teasing out muscle aches and pains and improving circulation. Trigger points are massaged when needed, but most of my clients like to relax and receive some destressing tender loving care for their body. A whole body is a treat in a fast paced, an opportunity to be quiet and to experience being. Indulge in the bliss and healing of an hour of relaxation at my hands.

You will get off the massage table feeling totally blissed out!

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Computerised Meridian Scan and Laser Acupuncture – Ryodoraku

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap straight into your body and get a readout telling you the areas that are imbalanced and where likely sources of poor health and immune dysfunction might be? Can you imagine being able to see which organs are stressed and which are functioning well?

Suppose you could measure the systems that need stimulating and those that are overworking and treat them accordingly to balance your whole body?

Ryodoraku Meridian Therapy is a meridian stress analysis technique. It’s like taking a step beyond the clinical picture: the symptoms and signs of ill- health, and looking at the energy and the autonomic nervous system of the body that govern state of wellness.

Bringing ancient Chinese acupuncture into the 21st century, Ryodoraku Meridian Therapy is a form of whole body assessment. It traces imbalances within the meridian pathways and once located, enables treatment of those out of balance points with low level laser stimulation rather than the traditional needle.

This provides the body with a more balanced energy field and autonomic nervous system which in turn enhances immune system and healing. For more information please click here


The ENAR (Electro-Neural Adaptive Regulator) is a micro-current device that can bring about pain relief. This hand-held device is applied directly to the site of pain or inflammation for several minutes. The general area may also be massaged by the device and referred pain areas also treated.

The micro-currents reach deep into the tissues and influence nerve signalling. At the same time the device operates in a biofeedback loop with the central nervous system. Similar to a TENS machine but more advanced, the ENAR relieves pain, inflammation, and promotes healing in many types of conditions.

Bio-Energetic Body Scan

Utilising computer technology and years of research and development these software based tools can help to uncover deep-seated physical and mental-emotional issues in the body. A scan takes a few seconds and simply involves holding onto a handhold while the scan is run. The technology is based on a quantum understanding of the energy of the body. Our bodies are essentially electronic with chemical messengers involved at a cellular level. Like an ECG (electro cardiograph) to measure the electrical signals of the heart, or an EEG (electro encephalograph) to measure the brain activity, there are even finer, weaker but nonetheless important electrical signals produced in the body. These can be tapped and read and compared with digital files of known energy signatures. Thanks to the processing speed of computers the process deciphers and gradually builds up a picture of the energetic state of organs and tissues anywhere in the body, but in a matter of seconds. These devices have been used for many years by practitioners and doctors from all around the world and are recognised as a helpful assessment tool.

Access Consciousness -The Bars ®

Can you imagine in one hour changing your world for the better and feeling more relaxed, more aware and more able to achieve the things you want to, all while lying down?

Access Consciousness The Bars ® is a form of hands on energy healing that is designed to balance and access deeply the one organ that usually receives little care – your brain.

For all our lives and our upbringing and learning, we are taught and conditioned to operate from thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we function at this level, we come from judging, determining, analysing, balancing, controlling, deciding, and concluding what we can and can’t receive, what is right and what is wrong, and who we actually are and who others are and be. However, there is a tireless, timeless and more peaceful way to function, and that is from perceiving, knowing, being and receiving. This is lighter, life-giving and attuned with reality. Now we are functioning in awareness, in creativity, without judgement or decision or conclusion on any matter. The Bars ® facilitates this change of perspective. It involves a series of 32 points on the head which are held for varying lengths of time while energy is being run. Bars can be used to facilitate change anywhere in your life. It is about raising your consciousness and awareness and this opens the doors for more healing. In essence the Bars is an invitation to the body to heal.

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