Skype® Consultations

Are you confused by all the supplements and nutritional products out there?

Are you confuddled with all the fad diets, dietary advice weightloss supplements?
Whats right for you- paleo? FODMAP? Low carb? High protein? Dairy free? Gluten free?… the list seems endless!

What about all the hype and good health advice that constanly bombards us in the media and web?

Where do you go for healthful and helpful real, expert, evidenced natural health care advice?

Let me help you find the right products to help you gain better health and more life. I can save you time and money! Instead of looking through page after page and website after website of information half of which you probably don’t even need; Instead of searching for hours to find the solutions to you health problems; Instead of getting advice and reading reports and downloading info products and spending your money on supplements you either don’t need or aren’t suitable for you – see me for advice that is real, down-to-earth and costs you a fraction of your time and money.

Real, professional, caring, heart-centred and evidenced-based healthcare and advice is waiting for you.

Contact me today to set up a face-to- face Skype® appointment that will provide you with the answers to your questions. Or simply hit the Skype button up there on the right to connect with me on Skype.

Skype consultations cost $120 per hour.